It is not the first time that Crielaers & Company has refurnished Ebbinge's office at the Cuserpark. Eleven years ago, we did a great project. We worked in an office area of no less than 3,000 m2. It was about a corporate image: working partly open and partly closed. Ebbinge asked us again to guide her in the search for a suitable new office.

We looked at the program of requirements and made an analysis of what we can do for the organisation and how we can realise a new office. We gave Ebbinge advice on flexible working and mapping the associated m2 requirement. In the end, we searched together for an office concept where the supporting facilities are offered. EDGE Olympic is a building that perfectly matches the wishes and new vision of Ebbinge.

Ebbinge is a strong brand with its own identity. We chose an eclectic style to express the core values of the brand: humane, dynamic, colourful, durable, informal and yet professional. These ingredients were the guiding principles of the design.