Workshop: happiness at work and environment

The workplace should invite people to be themselves, become creative, and work with positive energy. Thus, the work environment affects the employees' happiness at work. During the workshop, we pay attention to questions such as:  What does workflow mean to me?  What do I need to feel safe and happy at work?  How do I get the best out of myself and my environment?  How do I find a balance between work and my private life?  How do I take good care of myself?  How do I live in a healthy way to live my life again?

Work & happiness

Crielaers & Company organizes Happiness at Work workshops for teams. Online or (if allowed) on location. Especially now. Because in these extraordinary times, we all need to reinvent ourselves at work.

After this workshop, participants look at their day, work, and work environment with new inspiration. Interesting for employees who want to get started with happiness at work. And for employers who recognize that happy employees inspire their colleagues and customers. The result: less absenteeism and burnouts and more productivity.

Four workshop variations

1. As motivation and inspiration for employees to recognize personal values and act on them. How do you do it?

2. Focused on personal well-being, balance in nutrition, exercise and relaxation, rhythm and inspiration.

3. During a design process of a new work environment. The workshop includes a guided brainstorming, which allows the designer to get valuable input from the participants. With that input, it is even more possible to match the wishes of the end-users.

4. After moving into the new work environment, we focus on making the best use of the space and creating a workflow.


A designer, yoga teacher, and Ayurveda student. She has been running her agency Crielaers & Company for over 20 years, designing environments where people feel comfortable, can be themselves and feel stimulated.


Is a former lawyer at the Zuidas, trainer, and author of 'De urenfabriek.' This book is about being unhappy at work, about not being seen, drifting away from yourself, and getting burnt out. Fleur trained as a happiness expert and wrote a book about it: Mest voor de werkvloer.