We design space for being

Since our foundation in 2000, we have been designing meaningful, unique and comfortable interiors. We create with love. For offices, hotels, residential projects and care institutions. Environments where people meet, where people feel comfortable.

Creative realism

Our interiors are unique. We work in an independent and investigating way. Curiosity drives us. We explore the boundaries, resulting in an environment that continues to fascinate. Harmony and balance can be found in our layouts, design and material choices. We work in a structured and transparent way. A deal is a deal.

Environment and well-being

The buildings in which we live, and work affect us. We help organisations to become aware of this and to look at it differently. Not only from a functional point of view but also from the view of employees and visitors. And from the viewpoint of mission, ambition, and identity. This results in totally different layouts and facilities: facilities that have the power to influence the way of working and well-being fundamentally. What do you want to bring, communicate, experience?


Of course, we have developed a step-by-step plan to be able to deal with Corona in the best possible way in an office and/or hospital environment. And we formulated a vision of the new meaning of offices.

We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

The brand

We are conceptual thinkers. We translate the brand, the organisation’s DNA, into the physical environment. A brand is a unique story that tells what the company stands for and where it is heading. We are convinced that the brand story should be leading in everything you do.


We know the market and we work closely with like-minded suppliers. In these relationships, we are independent and act in an advisory capacity on behalf of the client. Wherever possible, we advise sustainable choices. We look at production, material compositions, local materials and the possibility of reuse in the future.

For us, sustainable also means a timeless design with a clear relationship between building and intended use.


We work closely with clients. By asking critical questions and thinking along proactively, we act as a broad advisor and sparring partner. We try to think like our clients do, and come up with solutions. We know exactly what is needed to realise a project within time and budget. Thanks to our personal approach and high quality, we distinguish ourselves, and our clients get more than expected.
For us collaborating with other disciplines is for us the most normal thing in the world. We have a fixed network of like-minded partners with whom we work in our projects.

In addition to our designs, we offer workshops and services to formulate a strategy, the translation from a brand into an interior or make a diagnosis. But we also provide workshops about well-being, welcoming people and using the environment well in the long term. All this contributes to the valuable experience of the space.