The buildings in which we live, and work affect us. We help organisations to become aware of this and look at it differently. Not only from the functional aspects but also from the viewpoint of employees and visitors. A sense of belonging, we're in it together, is perhaps the most beautiful thing that this challenging time brings with it. How do you convey that to your employees and customers? What will the new role of offices be? We formulated answers to this matter.

Nutrition and lifestyle

Five thousand years ago, they knew. Ayurvedic wisdom is a preventive, holistic system that brings balance and heals. The emphasis is on wellbeing, assuming that everyone has a unique constitution. It is being used more and more in Western society.

The advice aims to create balance on an individual level so that employees feel good. This ultimately leads to good health, happiness and creativity. Personal and spiritual growth play an important role. Eventually, this will lead to a strong team feeling, connectedness, togetherness, better performance and a pleasant, tolerant culture.
If desired, we provide lifestyle or nutritional advice on an individual or group level.

Silence and meditation

Fortunately, more and more people see the importance of meditation, 4 out of 10 adults in America meditate daily and large companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Apple and probably many others offer meditation programs to their staff.

We have been researching for over a year on meditation places and the importance of silence.
Our ambition is to make people aware that inner peace is essential. That peace, love is in all of us, and we can find it when we learn to turn inward from time to time, to take a step back. We believe that this will prevent or reduce absenteeism and burnouts.