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We also realise that interior design is part of a larger whole and that in successful organisation aspects such as leadership and behaviour, work processes and the physical environment must be aligned. As a relocation or renovation is a natural process of change, the need often arises to optimise other aspects of the organisation as well. Thanks to our team, we can provide for this and optimise the results of our work.

Ons team


After her Bachelor in Hotel Administration at the Hotelschool The Hague and international hotel experience (London, Cannes, Accra), Huguette worked for about ten years at the major advertising agencies of The Netherlands (DDB and TBWA\Campaign Company). During this period, she did her Masters in Brand Management at the University of Groningen. Since 2000, she runs her interior design company. Recently Huguette followed a four-year yoga/meditation teacher training. At the moment she is following several advanced classes at the Delight Academy in Amsterdam. Huguette is a connector, determined, goal-oriented and has an associative way of thinking.


We are happy working intensively with Plamen van Dijk, a very experienced interiorarchitect who becomes really enthusiastic about using natural and sustainable materials. Plamen graduated at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague where he completed his Bachelor Degree in interior architecture. He love harmonious designs with every now and then a wink here or there. The designs have to be in tune with the users and the clients program of requirements. Nature is his source for inspiration. He understands the real desires of the client and knows how to integrate this. He also has a natural feel for combining space, the purpose of the space, routing and sight axes, materials and sphere.


Designing always involves different scales, from the overall picture to the smallest detail. “With my background as a designer and artist, I try to connect aspects to make it a poetic whole”.


Under Calmspaces, Beer van Geer provides high-quality interactive atmosphere spaces. He uses self-developed sensor techniques. Interiors are used to measure physiological data such as heartbeat and breathing. This produces interactive spatial biofeedback solutions that link the dynamics of human physiology to spatial light and sound. These interactive spatial atmospheres serve as a gateway to the inner world of the human.


Because we believe it is essential that the spaces we develop are used optimally, we offer additional services. Think of an opening ceremony, workshop work-happiness, course for mindfulness or artistic training. We can also advise on culture, safety and job satisfaction. Fleur de Gou-Brockhus supports us in this area. She is a former lawyer, author of several novels and the collection of inspiration 'Mest voor de werkvloer'. She has completed the training to become a job satisfaction expert. She also organises creative workshops out in nature and at companies. Fleur believes in connection, trust and imagination. She is a good analyst of environments and people. She knows what it takes to keep moving.


Helen has a background in consultancy, 'consciousness' and neurosciences. Based on this knowledge, she helps leaders and managers to optimise their thinking and improve their decision-making. Like no other, she acknowledges the importance of leading from the heart. She gives workshops in conscious leadership to teach managers to connect with their values and strengths that can form an anchor in any situation. She helps managers to develop listening and coaching skills with which they can help team members grow and learn to be autonomous and self-assured.


“Hi! I'm Laura, a beginning interior designer at the Jan des Bouvrie Academy. I enjoy my internship at Crielaers & Company. As a starting designer, I can practise varied aspects and let my creativity run free. The vision of C&C appeals to me a lot; working from your heart.”


For her master's degree in Interior Architecture at the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht), within the team of Crielaers & Company, she is researching the importance and (spatial) possibilities of creating silence on the work floor to prevent burn-out complaints. Spatial design can contribute to this.


Our work has everything to do with purpose, identity, branding and innovation, and that is why we also offer various workshops in this area. We additionally advise on these topics. We often do this in collaboration with Patrick van Thiel, who wrote several books on these subjects. He has extensive experience in both profit and non-profit work. In addition to his role as an advisor, he also acts as an advisor and mentor for which he followed various training courses. Connecting the dots and finding the missing links is Patrick's second nature.