Accruent, with 150 offices worldwide, is a provider of technology solutions for businesses to optimise human and physical resources. Accruent optimises all stages of real estate management, facilities and asset management. A new European headquarter has been realised.

They asked Crielaers & Company to realise the European headquarter in Hoofddorp.


To understand the organisation and to get to know the brand, workshops were held with various employees. The schedule of requirements was also drawn up in consultation. The workshops were a good start of the design process.


The choice was made to emphasise subtly that this is Accruent’s European headquarter. A translation has been made of the logo colours and the values Accruent stands for, such as quality, innovation and inspiration. It has also been made visible that it is all about connection. The office offers the possibility to connect employees, to be a haven for other European offices of Accruent and to connect with the essence of the work: connecting office buildings through technological solutions.


The development process coincided with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This allowed Crielaers & Company to adjust where necessary and to give substance to the new role of the office.


The new function of offices was already partly developing into a clubhouse, a place where you like to meet colleagues, have meetings, brainstorm or concentrate. The choices made for the layout were entirely in line with activity-based working. There are spacious meeting rooms for in-house training, where 1.5 metres distance is guaranteed. There are smaller rooms for one on one consultation, concentration rooms, workplaces with partitions for those who prefer it. And of course, a coffee corner to start the day with your colleagues. There is also a cosy kitchen to have a Friday afternoon drink (which we would all like again) or to play a game of table football.


The welfare of the employees has been the main focus of the construction and layout. Consideration has been given to air ventilation, lighting, daylight, lots of green plants, routing where 1.5 metres distance can be kept and a wide range of places to work or relax. The chosen colours and art inspire. In the collective building on the polarisavenue, there is a company restaurant with a varied offer. If you would go there a few times a day to get a healthy snack and use the stairs from the third floor, you also have enough exercise.