Van der Valk Amersfoort

Van der Valk Hotel Amersfoort A1 is expanding considerably. The former company building next to the hotel will be connected to the hotel using a large glass entrance.

Van der Valk has decided to expand the possibilities to work in a hotel environment at this A location, along the A1 highway in Amersfoort. An excellent choice in these times where many companies will look for satellite offices to reduce travel times, and there will be more attention to the welfare of employees. The business centre offers the possibility to combine escape and work.


Entering the cosy coffee bar Chiccio, having lunch at the live cooking restaurant, meetings in the multi-functional rooms, concentrating in your office and on Friday having a drink in the sky bar. The service is perfect everywhere. Also, you will get comfort and hygiene in a very inspiring and luxurious environment. In this way, working becomes even more fun.


C&C co-designed the subscription forms for the business centre ‘suite, atelier or resident’. The possibilities are endless, and the packages are customisable. Think of options such as free parking, fixed or flexible spaces, flexible rental terms, workplaces and halls of 12-12.000m2, 24/7 access, furniture, cleaning, lunches, sports, escape, wellness advice, care possibilities, etcetera.


The three subscription forms have been taken into account in the fundamental technical classification. In the more open spaces, privacy is guaranteed by separation possibilities with thick curtains. This creates a sense of intimacy and is the right solution in times of Covid-19. The design matches the rest of the hotel to create a total experience. Working professionally in a hotel; that is what we were waiting for!