Tribes Raamplein

For Tribes, Crielaers & Company designed the 23rd branch at Raamplein 1 in the centre of Amsterdam. A flexible work environment where the Chinese Mosuo tribe inspires the current business nomad.

Tribes offers inspiring workplaces to an extensive global network. Tribes is more than just an office; more than just a workspace. It is a meeting place, a community for people from different generations with different backgrounds.

Crielaers & Company set up the interior design concept for Tribes’ first branch in 2015 and described a handbook of guidelines for all branches opened after that. Now three years later, C&C felt very honoured to design an office (3,000 m2) in a beautiful, monumental building.
The female is central to the Mosuo tribe, and we have been able to respond to that. Throughout the building, the woman is pivotal in a subtle way, and our concept is “inspired by women in charge”.

The costumes from the chosen tribe are colourful, while nature and the living environment is austere. This creates beautiful high contrast (photography) images. This contrast between austerity and exuberant use of colour is also reflected in the building on the Raamplein. The many vistas in the building provide long sightlines and interaction between the users, allowing encounters and cross-pollination to occur naturally.
Crielaers & Company is responsible for the interior design, project management and construction supervision.