Harvest is a new building project with 184 new apartments from 40m2 to 96 m². C&C has developed the interior concept to what it is today. For the 40m2 apartments, we made smart use of the space by leaving out the standard storage space in the house and integrating a washer/dryer combination in the kitchen. The 40m2 apartments can also be combined, creating 80m2 apartments. This allows rental homes to be used widely. In the other houses, we have thought about the kitchen, bathroom and floors. The broad target group of starters, transitioners, minimalists, experienced enjoyers and internationals has been taken into account. With many large elements in the public spaces, we have strengthened the identity in the building. In the entrance, you will find a meeting place with a connotation of harvest. Drawings of a height of 6 floors where you will see all the four seasons are shown in the mezzanine. Marloes van Bennekom made the drawings. We developed the signage with our team to complete the residential complex.

The residential complex was completed in early 2019.