Interior design as an accelerator for organisational development. Hollands Kroon is a young municipality of 22 villages in North Holland. The civil servants work in a large environment and being able to work independently is the new norm. The civil servants see people on a regular basis. This flexibility makes a smart place for productive meetings, cooperation and knowledge transfer essential. They also wanted to create this on the shop floor.

In collaboration with Hollands Kroon, we started to develop a flexible, modern interior. This interior concept provides for three types of workspaces: landing spaces for flexible working and informal consultation, team spaces for meetings and individual spaces for concentrated working. Signing, photography, own design wallpaper and unique street art play an essential role in the design. These elements provided a domestic environment to drive solidarity among the teams.

Crielaers & Company took care of the integration of all disciplines. This results in one clear narrative: the inextricable story of Hollands Kroon.

Photography: Rika Tannery
Video: Leonie Slingeland