We like things to be clear. The way we work is transparent and in the execution we observe a cast-iron discipline. We punctually comply with agreements and in order for this process to be as smooth as possible we communicate directly with our clients and any project partners. We not only listen to your requirements but also to your ideas. We subsequently translate these into an interior plan and layout which, of course, has to be not only creatively surprising but - equally important - practically feasible. To stimulate your imagination every design is illustrated with atmospheric images, clear floor plans and 3-D impressions. This will give you the best possible idea of what to expect. And of course at this stage we will also show you the furniture, lighting, colours and materials we have chosen and, more importantly: why we chose them.

Our projects encompass 4 phases:

Phase 1: Inventory
- A briefing meeting with the client
- We take an inventory of the preferences and requirements
Phase 2: Preliminary design
- Presentation of the layout (with floor plan, atmospheric images and 3D impressions)
- Budget forecast
Phase 3: Final design
- Realisation of the final design
Phase 4: Execution
- Purchasing negotiations (if required)
- Managing the construction work and delivering the various items


We are good at managing (multidisciplinary) teams for renovations and new construction projects. During this process we work closely with the client and explain the client's preferences and requirements to the parties involved. We will continue to act as your point of contact at all times. During all phases of the construction we will closely monitor the concept, schedule and budget. Do you have any preferences with respect to new construction, expansion or additions? We can give shape to your ideas in different elevation drawings. We can also assist you in obtaining the relevant permits.

Evaluating or comparing contractor quotes is not always easy. At your request we can prepare a work list or specification that will make it easier to evaluate or compare quotes. You can stipulate which contractor you wish to use, or we can select a number of contractors for you to choose from.


Our key team consists of interior designers, project managers and graphical specialists. Depending on the nature of the assignment we also work closely with creative professionals of varied backgrounds. This way we not only keep ourselves sharp (and fresh), it also means we can put together the best-equipped team for each project.


After her training at the Higher Hotel School and her postgraduate studies in Brand Management at the University of Groningen, Huguette, the proprietor of Crielaers & Company, spent around 10 years working for leading advertising agencies. In 2000 she started her own interior design firm, where translating brand values into interiors became the basic philosophy. Today she is highly experienced in designing and realising both new construction and renovation projects in which the aesthetic side as well as the practical aspects are high priorities.


Crielaers & Company is a highly conceptual interior design firm, with comprehensive experience in 4 different sectors: offices, hotels/restaurants, the private sector and the healthcare sector. We are available for new construction as well as renovation projects. We dare to call ourselves innovative, but of course our concepts are carefully tailored to individual requirements, preferences, needs and tastes. We are experienced in translating brand values into contemporary and - at the same time - timeless interiors. We are convinced that designing is a team sport; after all, a good collaboration between client and firm will ultimately deliver the best result.

We feel a design doesn't truly differentiate unless we are able to combine different disciplines. In this context we are inspired by architecture, interior, music, photography, graphic design and fashion. Because designing is also telling a unique and authentic story. We like to refer to ourselves as 'realistically creative' and this is something you will recognise in our designs. The use of smart layouts plays an important role, as well as playfully but consistently combining different materials, colours and lighting elements.


Mobile phone number:
+31 (0)6 5368 0710 (Huguette Crielaers)


For further information or to make an appointment please e-mail us on: Please leave your name, address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address and the desired information and we will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Creative Work

Please let us know if you would like more information about a specific project and we will be happy to forward this to you.