It is not the first time that Crielaers & Company has been asked to set up the Ebbinge office on the Cuserpark. 11 years ago, we did a great project. We were asked to work on an office area of no less than 3000 m2. It did relate to a corporate image: it concerned a half-open corporate plan. We have been asked by Ebbinge to guide them in the search for a suitable new office again. We reviewed both the customer’s and organisational wishes and requirements to create a new office. We have given Ebbinge advice on flexible working and the associated mapped out m2. In the end, we worked together to find an office concept that offered the necessary support facilities. EDGE Olympic is a building that perfectly matches Ebbinge's wishes and new vision.

Ebbinge is a powerful brand with its own identity. To express the core values of the brand an eclectic style was selected: human, dynamic, colourful, durable, informal and yet professional. These ingredients have been the guiding principle for the design.

Crielaers & Company is responsible for interior design, project management and construction supervision.
Photography: Peter Markestein