Crielaers & Company is an interior design agency that has been active in this sector since 2000. As of 2017 we have started a cooperation with DENC and take care of the interior design department.

Technology is becoming increasingly essential to construct or design a responsible, sustainable and smart building. Together we develop intelligent, high-tech (office) buildings and interiors. Preferably with a sustainable nature.

Our joint organisation works with a team of enterprising professionals, who have a lot of knowledge in our own field and the world around us.

Designing is a team sport: good interaction between the client, the agency and the executive parties lead to the best result.


Our ambition is to create inspiring sustainable living environments. Our strength is attuning the environment to the individual needs, specific wishes, requirements and taste. We are experienced in transforming brand values into contemporary and timeless interiors.

We live in a fast-changing world with new ways of living and working, expectations, resources and work are changing very fast; life cycles of ideas, products and businesses have been shortened. This requires new solutions and strong beliefs. Our goal is to design aesthetic interiors that promote collaboration, creativity, productivity and well-being. We describe this with 'Creative Realism': transforming creative ideas into sustainable living and working environments.

"We are determined and have an associative and visual way of thinking. Creativity and passion motivate us. Translating the client's wishes into a physical world, a world that is contemporary and timeless, familiar but also innovative, inspiring and taking well-being into account. Combining what is and what will be, that is the mission of Crielaers & Company.”


DENC is a multidisciplinary and integrated service provider in the field of housing and real estate. DENC is strong in total solutions. In addition, to complete Design & Build projects, DENC also provides stand-alone services for project management, plan development, architecture and construction technique.


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We like to be clear. Our way of working is transparent, and we are very disciplined in the implementation. We strictly comply with agreements. And to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible, we communicate directly with our customers and potential project partners. We do not only listen to your wishes but also to your ideas. With that information, we translate this into a layout and interior plan. It should not only be creatively surprising but - just as important - practically feasible. We illustrate every design with atmospheric images, clear floor plans and 3D visualisations. So that you get the best possible picture of what to expect. At this stage, we will, of course, also show you which furniture, lighting, colours and materials we choose. And, more importantly, why we choose to do so.

We are good at managing (multidisciplinary) teams for layout- and interior, repurposing, renovation and new building projects. Throughout the process, we work closely with the client and translate the wishes and requirements into the participating parties. We can also draw up the Schedule of Requirements (In Dutch PvE) together with you. We will always continue to act as your point of contact, and we will be independent in the process. During all phases of construction, we continue to monitor the concept, the planning and the budget. We can design your ideas, guide the permit process and support the procurement process for parties.

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and essence of the space.”

Our projects mainly follow the next steps:

Stage 1: Analysis and inventory

•     Briefing meetings;
•     Provision of the checklist for Schedule of Requirements;
•     Summary of Schedule of Requirements.

Stage 2: Provisional design

•    The making of the provisional design;
•    Layout, atmosphere, colours, materials, the onset of customisation;
•    3D renderings.

Stage 3: Technical design

•    Elaboration of the technical plan for the environmental permit;
•    Preparing drawings for the call for tenders;
•    Constructively elaborate the design;
•    Legal EPC, daylight and ventilation calculations.

Stage 4: Final design

•    The elaboration of the architectural (digital) drawings of the floor plans and cross-sections/details;
•    Making a final design for the custom work (pantry, reception, etc.);
•    Materialisation, detailing and aesthetics;
•    Adjusting 3D renderings.

Stage 5: Pricing and contracting

•    The provision of the tender documents;
•    Advising the client on the choice of executing parties;
•     Advising the client on the price and quality of the providers.

Stage 6: Preparation phase

•    Briefing of the executive parties (interior builder, installer, etc.);
•    Checking of execution drawings;
•    Negotiating about the purchase.

Stage 7: Realisation

•    Monitoring concept during execution;
•    Support during material and colour choices;
•    Where necessary: providing additional aesthetic detailing;
•    Coaching the construction work and deliveries.


We believe in the power of brands.

A brand is a unique story that gives direction. It represents the character of an organisation. It tells the passion and motivation of the company. That's why we are convinced that the brand should be leading in everything you do. If brand values are well formulated, it will put your company on the map.

The building, the architecture, the decoration, the styling and the art tell something about who you are as a brand and as an employer. It contributes to productivity, job satisfaction, motivation, inspiration and well-being. The success of an organisation is primarily determined by the people who work there.

Our mission is creating environments where brands and people meet.

“A brand speaks through every detail of its environment. “


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